Fence Types

Close Board Fencing

Close board fencing is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds due to its heavy duty framework. It is even more robust than Overlap fencing and provides privacy and security around the perimeter of a garden.


Overlap(featheredge) Fencing

Overlap or Lap fencing gives privacy and security.  It is fairly similar to close board panel fencing as it is encased in a heavy duty framework, however it is constructed using feather edge boards instead.



Picket Fencing

Picket or Palisade fencing is a simple but effective solution for a front or back garden where a fence is not required to provide privacy.  However it still offers security.


Post and Rail Fencing

Post fencing is usually used to mark out boundaries within a field or in the front garden.  It is a simple fence and therefore doesn’t have a particularly dramatic impact on a garden.

post and rail

Panel Fencing

Closeboard fence panels are similar to lap panels, but with slats running vertically. Closeboard fence panels comes fully constructed and ready to use immediately.

Lap panels are made using slats that run horizontally across a frame, with vertical battens to hold them in place and give additional strength.

Lap panels are a very popular type of screen fence often used in rear gardens. The initial capital cost is the lowest of all solid screen fences available, however life expectancy is less than fences such as closeboard. Lap panels are not suitable for exposed locations or sloping ground.



Garden Trellis

Trellis can be added to the top of fencing panels to create a higher fence without losing light into the garden.  It can also be used in front of fencing or walls to allow for crawling/climbing plants.  It adds a decorative feature to any fencing.

panel with trelis concrete posts

Concrete Fencing

Besides the high security and toughness of these fences, there are many other advantages including; Fire resistance, termite resistance, wind blockage and virtually no maintenance.

This type of fencing is also easier to erect and easy to repair should damage occur.

concrete fence